Brand + Website Kit

Lover is a completely customizable, pre-made WordPress website and brand kit for a blog or online store. This theme comes with custom WooCommerce shop design to wow your customers.

Take a deep breath, your life is about to get a whole lot easier.

No more fighting with Photoshop files to change colors.

No more trying to wrap your head around code snippets (and where in the fudge-ripple-brownie they go).

The template you’ve been wishing for has finally arrived.

What is a Brand + Website Kit, exactly?

100% customizable WordPress templates and a “No Photoshop” brand kit with a built-in logo font and editable templates.

Swap out your photos and text for a turn-key, mobile responsive website. Launch your business in hours, not weeks.

Easily manage your site with Elementor, the #1 WordPress Page Builder. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Take the demo site for a test drive!

So... What's Included?

100% customizable WordPress page templates. Just click and type to change the text!

5 Page Layouts

“No Photoshop Necessary” brand kit with a built-in logo font and editable templates.

3 Color Palettes

We thought of all the little details that are easy to overlook so that you can launch your website with confidence!

Little Details

Customize as much or as little as you want, without any software!

You don’t need Photoshop, Canva, or any other graphics program to edit this theme! Even the logo font is built in.


Take the demo site for a test drive!

Even more goodies for your website...

Insta Posts

We’re including 4 ready-to-use social media post templates! No software needed to edit!

Hand-Drawn Icons

Every theme deserves a set of hand-drawn icons, and lover delivers! Use them on your website, social media, IG stories, and more!

This is how you make it yours.

Billing details

Let our team of experts install your templates for a flawless launch. (+$75)

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Your questions, answered.

To add them to your website, install our one-click install plugin and import the ready-to-use pages immediately! We know. It really is that easy. Here’s a tissue for your tears of joy.

These templates are created for your WordPress website. They cannot be used on a WordPress .com site or any non-WordPress websites. You know that a lot of your fav businesses use WordPress and make bank, right? Yeah, we didn’t think this would be a problem either.

Yes! You do you, girl. Your purchase gives you the right to use these templates for personal or commercial website projects.

But let’s not get crazy. You can’t redistribute, repackage, or resell these templates, capiche? 

What does this mean?

  1. You can use these templates to speed up your website design process for yourself & your clients. High five!
  2. You can customize these templates as part of a custom website service for your clients. Low five!
  3. You cannot sell these templates. No ma’am!
  4. You cannot give these templates away. No way!
  5. You cannot customize and then resell these templates as a product. No-woah-whoa-whoa!
  1. You’ll need a website hosting plan.  [Our Hosting Plans]
  2. You’ll need to have the Elementor Pro plugin. [Pricing]

Other than that, you just need your glamboss self + your business to slay with!

Ain’t nobody got time for refunds – especially not you since you’re gonna be kicking so much ass with your new site! Since these templates are digital, downloadable products, no refunds will be offered for any reason. Good thing you won’t need it!

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You're a BOSS, {first_name}!

But hold on a sec, do you really want to do this all on your own?

Introducing: THE LAB

$33.00 / month with 1 month free trial
THE PLACE to go when you want to get shit done faster, with a group of other business owners doing the same thing!

From purchasing your domain name, positioning, design, tech - all the things - you will have a long-time online business owner and website expert on your team at every stage.

Just $111 gets you 3 MONTHS in The Lab.

What will 3 months in The Lab get you?
– Weekly Support _ Strategy Calls
– Tech + Design Video Trainings
– Website Planning Guide
– Pre-Launch Checklist
– Rolodex of Trusted Service Providers
– Recommended software, tools, etc
– Voxer Office Hours

That's priceless.